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I had the amazing opportunity to talk with Pamela and Cara from the brand Liberti. Liberti is a brand that produces and sells beautiful jewelry with an inspiring purpose.

It all started about 5 years ago when Pamela, the founder, felt led to support refugees. When refugees arrive in America, many difficulties face them. Liberti strives to take away some of this struggle by giving these refugees a support base. Liberti works with the African Community here in Denver to support and train the refugees in hopes to secure a job in the production of jewelry with Liberti.

The process of production is different than other jewelry brands, not only because Liberti is hiring refugees, but because the jewelry is made here in America. Liberti is unique in these ways and the message they put out is empowering to all women.

Because the jewelry is crafted in the U.S. the production process is pricier, however the jewelry is still affordable. They offer a brass option, which is much less expensive than the gold, allowing shoppers of all ages and price points to buy and support.

Cara, the product manager, told me a bit about how important spreading the word about the brand is. Once you tell others and they understand the meaning in this brand, success is made and the world is bettered, even if in the slightest way. Social media plays a huge role because it allows you to reach out to people all over the world. Liberti loves to see posts on Instagram from people in different places wearing their jewelry; it is so neat to see the mission being spread. Be sure to give them a follow here.

Liberti has a passion to create a quality product and grow a community for refugees. Their mission is to help the vulnerable while providing gorgeous products so that everyone can be free to live the dream. It’s not just a job, but a movement.

If you are interested in supporting Liberti click here.

I was so lucky to receive one of Libert’s products, I could’t help but share a picture. This necklace is definitely my new favorite piece of jewelry and I love the message.

April 27, 2016

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