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Liberti's Beyond Beautiful Jewelry + Giveaway

It’s date night, mamas!  You are all dressed up in your new outfit and wearing make up for the first time all week month.  Your hair is washed, dried and even curled.  The only thing you need now is some beautiful jewelry.  But instead of any piece of jewelry, what if you could wear something so gorgeous, not only for it’s looks, but for what it stands for?  It’s such a pleasure to be partnering with Liberti for it’s beyond beautiful cause.

Liberti is committed to creating high-quality and American-made jewelry with a purpose.  Their mission is to create positive change by empowering and employing US resettled refugees.  Liberti’s less than 1% collection was designed to be a conversation starter and create awareness for the less than 1% refugees worldwide who were fortunate enough to escape and resettle in a new country.

You can help by joining the movement.  Purchase any of the six unique and beautiful conversation starter pieces exclusively available at  The jewelry is designed around a mission of love, hope and change. With your support on Indiegogo, Liberti will launch an apprenticeship program and create jobs for refugees in all areas of the business.  This program includes on-the-job training and career building opportunities.
Liberti is giving you the opportunity to to win their Limited Edition Coordinates Ring, engraved with the coordinates of the refugee camp honoring the journey of their first refugee employee.  Simply fill out the form below to enter.  And stay connected with Liberti on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram!

June 17, 2016

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