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Liberti Life Cycle

 At Liberti, we believe a strong and responsible company is built upon a foundation of creativity, community and sustainability. Our Liberti Creed (link to page) reflects the character, ethics and values that define our company and sets the standard for how we will ingrain these values in all aspects of our operations. Not only do our products resonate with this theme of sustainability and American-made craftsmanship, but we’re also proud to partner with individuals and organizations who also share our passions, like Salty Girl and Long Dog, a driftwood gatherer and upcycled artist in Maine.

 In the photo above, beachcomber and designer Cherie Herne and her long dog Sanibelle are wandering one of the many local beaches in southern Maine collecting driftwood, and we’re proud to say that some of those salty treasures have now been sustainably and beautifully repurposed into unique displays for Liberti jewelry.

February 25, 2016

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