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Why are we crowdfunding on Indiegogo?

The backstory

Today an estimated 30 percent of all manufactured goods end up as waste within months of leaving the factory. That means 3 out of every 10 products produced will be thrown away before ever making it to you the consumer. So while these unwanted products are on their way to the landfill, production facilities in low-wage countries are already working on their next order. The cycle of wasted energy, raw materials, packaging and labor starts all over again.

What is crowdfunding?

Rather than perpetuating that wasteful cycle, Liberti has chosen to manufacture in America as a result of demand, rather than the traditional model of manufacturing mass quantities overseas and then trying to create demand. To that end, we have chosen to use “crowdfunding” to connect with and be supported by like-minded individuals instead of big banks and investors. For those who aren’t familiar with it, crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, via websites such as Indiegogo. People invest simply because they believe in the cause or product (or both), and want to feel good about helping the products get off the ground.(Check out our campaign)

We answer to you

Liberti’s support will come from our crowd of friends, fans and followers that are interested in our company’s mission to create quality, handcrafted jewelry from ethically sourced materials that benefit and empower our country’s newest immigrants. By crowdfunding Liberti, we answer to you—not big bankers or investors. Our crowd determines how big each production run is, which products we make the most of, and what kind of new products we’ll introduce next. 

What’s in it for you

As part of our crowd, you’ll get exclusive product rewards and perks as a special thank you for being first to purchase our jewelry. You’ll also be the first to see and have a chance to buy products like our new <1% Collection, designed to empower and raise awareness for the less than one percent of refugees that are ever able to escape the harsh conditions of camps around the world. You’ll look good and feel good knowing the impact of the piece you’re wearing or giving goes well beyond just its beauty. You’ll be helping resettled refugees learn a skill, rebuild their lives in their new homeland, and become contributing members of our society.

We are at 79% of our campaign goal in just 8 days.  

Please help us reach our goal to provide employment to a refugee here in America.  

Please email this link  http://ow.ly/ZyxBX to two people you know TODAY. Share it with someone who would love beautiful, high-end jewelry that makes a direct impact on the life of a refugee family right here in the US.  Thanks for sharing the #LibertiLove 

March 22, 2016

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