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Meaningful Coordinates

Honoring Our First Refugee Employee

In celebration of our first refugee employee joining our team in a few weeks (!), we’re so excited to release our special edition <1 Coordinate Cuff and our Single Coordinates Ring. These pieces are especially close to our heart, and like all of the <1% Collection, they deliver a meaningful backstory through beauty and fashion.

We’re currently in the interview process, but like the vast majority of the 14.4 million refugees around the world, our employee will be coming to us after recently enduring the hardships of a refugee camp.

The geographic coordinates featured on each of these newly released pieces will pinpoint the location of that refugee camp giving each of one of you the ability to join us in honoring our first refugee employee and their journey, celebrating the opportunities that are ahead, remembering those who remain behind at the camp and creating important positive change in society.

A handsome cuff cast from warm, naval-grade brass with a modern, brushed finish. For men and women. Now available for $40 (retail value $95).

A tasteful ring perfect for those who like to make a statement with everything they wear. Handcrafted in brass and plated in 14K gold. Now available for $15 (retail value $30).

Our first hire will be joining us at our facility in Rhode Island as a part of our jewelry apprenticeship program learning the art of handcrafting fine jewelry and each step of the trade from start to finish, which includes cold joining, fabricating, soldering and casting.  Not only will the Coordinates jewelry honor them, but learning from our talented production team and helping to create these pieces will be their first project as a part of the Liberti team.

At this point in the jewelry-making process, employees will learn and assist in building cast rings, cast found objects, body molds, custom chain links/multiples and eventually cast-in-place stones and inclusions

Our partner, Dorcas International, receives and empowers refugees from troubled regions all over the world, and our employee will most likely be coming from one of these 15 countries: Bhutan, Burma, Burundi, Central African Republic, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Liberia, Rwanda, Somalia, Togo, Ukraine.

Which country do you hope it will be?

April 07, 2016

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