Meet the Liberti Team | LibertiUSA


The Liberti team is modest in size but large in heart and dedication in helping our country’s newcomers to be free to live the dream that we all have been blessed with. Each person in our Liberti family contributes an integral part of our humble operation n Denver and Rhode Island. We appreciate all of the hard work that has made this vision a reality.

Take a look at these amazing faces – we are proud to call them teammates, brand ambassadors, friends, community partners, and fellow social impact makers.

  • Pam


    Founder & CEO

  • Cara


    Product Manager

  • Erin


    Sr. Social Media Manager

  • Jeff

    Sr. Copywriter

  • Megan

    Creative Director

  • Kristi

    Sr. Brand Graphic Designer

  • Ashley

    Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Caley

    Miss Colorado: Brand Ambassador  

  • Ben


    Sr. Creative Technologist 

  • Raul

    Manufacturing Manager/Partner 

Apprenticeship Program

  • Maneshia 

    Inventory Management Program 

  • Nijib 

    E-Commerce Program

  • Purna 

    Quality/ Customer Service Program

  • Bishnu 

    Quality/ Customer Service Program

  • Rahal 

    Quality/ Customer Service Program


  • Molly 

    Guest Designer: Rise Designs

  • Jermey

     Operations & Production Manager: Mile High WorkShop

  • Nicole

    Retail Product Channel Mgr

  • Jay

    3D Graphic Designer

  • Allie

    Strategic Partner: African Community Center