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Our Story

Look beyond Liberti's stunning designs, and you will see new beginnings for resettled refugees here in the United States.

In line with our passion and ethos, we are devoted to cultivating a more compassionate, transparent, and sustainable jewelry company.

We stand by ethical luxury.


Our founder Pamela Norton-Shelpuk of Denver, Colorado believed that jewelry could be both beautiful and meaningful.

Her drive to create opportunities for resettled refugees in the US sparked the creative journey now known as Liberti.


Liberti's collections are unique, modern, and versatile, inspired by America's stand for freedom and her natural beauty.

Made in America

Each collection is designed and handcrafted to order within the US. We believe collaborating with passion-based business owners and artisans across America contributes positively to our culture and economy.


Liberti products are - and always will be - handmade. From subtle dainty classics to bold icons, each Liberti accessory is as captivating as the story behind it.


We are proud to be part of a community of companies developing eco-conscious platforms, respecting the planet through their processes and working with dignity and purpose. Our products are made with love and without harm to humans or the earth.


Every purchase made supports apprenticeship opportunities that transcend the present moment, empowering resettled refugees through trade training that lasts a lifetime.

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