Our Story: Jewlery With a Purpose | LibertiUSA

A mission of love, beauty and empowerment.



In the US, there is a growing appetite for goods that are sustainable and ethically sourced. There’s just something more distinctive about products that have forgone the overbearing trend of mass production and instead embody craftsmanship and individualism while supporting a positive societal change you can stand behind.

Liberti is a lifestyle brand for the socially conscious consumer featuring beautiful accessories and jewelry authentically handcrafted in America to empower vulnerable resettled refugees here in the US. Our mission is to provide opportunities for resettled refugees that enable them to truly become free to live the American dream. Our desire is to help spread love and beauty through distinctive, meaningful products, made in the USA, that reflect and enhance a woman’s inner and outer beauty. By doing so, we not only provide unique opportunities to this vulnerable population, but we also make our country and the world a better place to live.