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PURPOSE // A mission-driven company, Liberti’s collection of handcrafted jewelry and distinctive accessories is fueled by stimulating deep social impact. Look beyond our stunning designs, and you will see new beginnings for resettled refugees here in the United States.

Born in AmericaSOCIAL IMPACT // Our inspired statement pieces embrace the spirit of opportunity, strength, and freedom. Through our paid refugee apprenticeship program, we pass on career-building craftsmanship skills to the powerful men and women who have escaped impossible environments abroad with hope for a better future. 10% Direct ImpactEvery purchase made has a direct impact toward providing them with opportunity that transcends the present moment, empowering refugees to establish a new foundation through trade training that lasts a lifetime.

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<1 Coordinates CollectionEMPOWERMENT // Liberti is built on the ideals of the American Dream: freedom, drive, creativity, and community. By taking a stand to ensure entirely ethical production, we have created a collection that truly gives back. Liberti collaborates with artisans across America throughout every facet of our process, supporting passion-based business owners and our refugee apprentices along the way. From ideation to production, the materials we use are made by people who love their craft, all the while meaningfully contributing to our US economy.

Hand and HatCONSCIOUS CREATIVITY // Liberti’s captivating <1% jewelry collection has an impactful depth to each design that sets it apart. Every intricate detail represents the hope each piece generates, and the resounding backstory of every new beginning our products support. Liberti apprentices train in soldering to fabrication to casting with masters of the craft, infusing their unique stories into the art of jewelry making. Our precious metals are sourced within the US, our gems collected without mistreatment of humans or the earth. On-trend and one-of-a-kind, every Liberti piece is created with love and without harm.

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