The Liberti Creed & Mission | LibertiUSA

The Liberti Creed

We Dare to believe all women and men are equal and can achieve anything regardless of skin color, income, education, faith or background.

We Dare to believe all women are beautiful and should have access to handmade accessories that can accentuate and reflect their inner and outer beauty.

We Dare to believe in America’s newest immigrants, looking to better the lives of themselves and their families, by hiring, training and providing them hope in their new homeland.

We Dare to believe in the quality of American craftsmanship and the current resurgence of American-made products and innovation that are helping to reshape the expectations of consumers.

We Dare to believe in the spirit of an incredible nation, founded by refugees, that is still able to welcome those who are seeking a better life and willing to work for it.

We Dare to believe unique, inspired, original art and fashion still exist in today’s copycat world, and that true style is eternal.

We Dare to believe in a world where anyone can leverage their skills with purpose and impact to help make our country an even better place for everyone.

We Dare to believe in a new industrial revolution where quality, handcrafted, American products are cherished and appreciated by all generations, and become far more valuable than any price tag we could put on them.